Captain Roy's Fish Saver Device

Reverse the effects of Barotrauma and

return the fish easily and safely back to the bottom.


Picture of the Fish Saver Device

Patent No. 9,241,479

Made in the USA

  Guaranteed to return BIG and Small fish back to the Depths Alive and Swimming

   The Fish Saver Device is the most effective and

simplest fish descending device on the market

today. The survival rate for the device is right at

100% and does far less damage to the fish than

the hypo-puncture devices that have been used

in the past. Many have tried to copy it but none
can match the capacity, the successful releases,

durability, and ease of use of the Fish Saver Device.

    Currently Florida Sea Grant and NOAA are testing several descending devices. Recent research on the US West Coast on Rockfish caught as deep as 300

feet show that they can survive if quickly returned to

the bottom. While more research is needed to assess the long term effects of fish descending devices for Gulf and Atlantic species, initial effectiveness of the gear has been more than promising in increasing

the survival rates of fish that wouldn't otherwise survive.

    I personally believe that it is the Recreational Fisherman’s responsibility to make every effort

to protect our fish stocks by returning fish

to the bottom instead of watching them

float away and die needlessly. This was

the reason I developed the

Fish Saver Device.

"Catch only what you need,

Eat what you catch and

Keep the oceans clean."

Join the effort to reduce the fish by-catch mortality rate caused by barotrauma.


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                                  As the red snapper stock

                     continues to rebuild  and the

               fishery remains closed, the

            number of  discarded fish increases,

         frustrating fishermen and managers

     alike. The use of descending devices, such as the one shown here, to help

reduce discard mortality coupled with additional measures may allow a limited harvest of red snapper in the future.


Two large Grouper being returned using the Fish Saver Device.

Sending back two Grouper at the same time.

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